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Marilyn should pack it in – no FMA push

The Federal Marriage Amendment is her dog and pony show — and it’s the only reason one-note bigot Marilyn Musgrave is in Congress. The representative from Colorado — and her partner in bigotry, Wayne Allard in the Senate — have decided not to try for a third time to pass it. (365gay):

“If we thought there was a decent chance to bring it to the floor for debate, I would, but with the new Congress, I’m not sure we will ever have that opportunity,” Allard told the Pueblo Colorado Chieftain.

Musgrave’s spokesman, said the congresswoman would not introduce the legislation this year, the paper reported.

Even the militantly anti-gay group Focus on the Family believes the issue is for the time being dead.

“There were Democrats elected in the House who campaigned in support of the amendment and we are hopeful they will continue to support it and work to bring it forward for debate,” FOF spokesperson Amanda Banks told the Chieftain.

Just think about it — after the GOP dumped a ton of cash into her race, Musgrave managed to win only by a sliver over Angie Paccione. Now Marilyn’s entire purpose  — saving marriage from the homos — is moot. The wretch needs to just pack it in and go the hell home on her broomstick.

See a video of the class act known as Marilyn Musgrave after the flip.Look at this clip of this turd when she was approached last fall by Ben Gelt of ProgressActionNow and was asked to respond to a question from an undecided voter in her district:

If you had the choice between saving a soldier’s life and preventing a gay marriage, which would you choose, Congresswoman?

Guess what? She runs away, and her handlers/goons push at the camera, and rough up Gelt on a public street. What a class act she is.

He also asks her about her zero rating from the Disabled American Veterans. She just drove away.

Let’s contrast that horse’s ass with this…every so often I like to view this video of Angie kicking Musgrave’s posterior on equality, just because it feels good. I’m posting it again.

“The Declaration of Independence says that we hold these truths to be self-evident that all are created equal. Equal. I stand for equality of all American citizens. Equality. No asterisks?no parentheses?every American should have equality under the law. You know what a threat is to marriage? Divorce is a threat to marriage. You know what else is a threat to marriage? Infidelity is a threat to marriage. Domestic violence is a threat to marriage. Losing your job is a threat to marriage. Marriage is not a threat to marriage. I support equality.”

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