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WWJD for the SOTU

The J is for Jeb. In a WaPo op-ed, S.V. Date asks:

But what if Jeb had won the Florida governorship in 1994, been reelected and then taken the White House in 2000? How would the nation be different? What sort of State of the Union would he deliver this week?

This op-ed is interesting, even though it is practically a blowjob of the former Florida governor. When you’re comparing Jeb to W, well, that’s not a fair fight. Our president is a delusional, out-of-control man. Jeb’s clearly in control of his mental faculties. That said, he’s clearly a conservative, and one who, if he wasn’t named Bush, would probably be running in 2008. Oh wait, Date thinks he could still be an option. From the column, via Raw Story:

“Tuesday would have marked his sixth State of the Union address — and it might have been his best yet,” theorizes S.V. Date, Tallahassee bureau chief for the Palm Beach Post and author of Jeb: America’s Next Bush.

“The nation is in great shape, President Jeb Bush would have reported: record tax cuts propelling the economy to greater heights; a revolutionary school-vouchers program for the first time granting low-income parents real education choices; and, five years after the capture of Osama bin Laden, the final 20,000 U.S. troops returning home from Iraq,” Date continues.

Date adds, “I’ve covered Jeb Bush for eight years as a state capital reporter, and I’m convinced that he remains the GOP conservative wing’s best hope for a post-Iraq comeback. And his own political ambitions burn as brightly as ever. Perhaps 2012 or 2016 or — why not? — maybe even 2008, if things break right.”

Hat tip, oddjob.

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