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Hats off to Victoria Kolakowski

Two days ago, the 19th of January, Victoria Kolakowski was sworn in as California’s first openly transgendered administrative law judge. She will preside over administrative disputes regarding the California Public Utilities Commission.

From Transgender Law Center’s website:

Transgender Law Center Board Member and long-time civil rights advocate, Victoria Kolakowski, will be sworn in as the state’s first openly transgender Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) today when she will be among eight new ALJs sworn-in by the Chief Administrative Law Judge of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Despite many gains in transgender civil rights over the last five years, Victoria’s selection as an ALJ for the CPUC will make her the only openly transgender judicial or quasi-judicial officer in the state.

An administrative law judge, as opposed to a normal judge, works under the legislative branch rather than the judicial branch of government. Although they have many of the same powers as a judicial judge their scope is limited to arbitrating disputes involving their specific agency rather than the interpretation of the law.

Now that we don’t have to fear being discriminated against by the gas company we can proceed to phase two of our plan for world domination!

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