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Bill Quick (he’s the guy who named the “blogosphere”!…I shall remember him on Fathers Day) had this to say about Mark Steyn on “oppo research” that some think makes Barrack “Barry” Obama the Madrassahian Candidiate:

And if Hillary thinks everyone’s going to pursue stories about some long-agomadrassah, she has a sweetly touching faith in the American media.

And if Mark Steyn doesn’t think this tale has potential legs that are deadly-dangerous to Obama’s candidacy, he has a touching faith in the haplessness of modern political attack memes.

In the first place, the release of the oppo-info was artfully done: it was leaked, not to Mother Jones or even TNR, but to Insight magazine, an outlet claiming no allegiance to either party, but viewed on the left, no doubt, as a redoubt of fascism.

Insight Magazine? It’s the Moonie Times with a glossy cover.

Published by News World Communications like its sister publication The Washington Times, Insight provides its subscribers an intelligence briefing on the Washington behind the lights and cameras. Insight features exclusive articles by top Washington reporters from some of the world’s most serious news organizations.

Insight also features commentary by renowned pundits such as Wesley Pruden, Mark Steyn, John O’Sullivan, Michael Barone, Rich Lowry, John Leo and others.

I guess Rich “We’re Winning” Lowry is the liberal that pulls it to the center…

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