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Heh.  In truth, I got nothin' tonight.  Anything I might have to say after this clip would have to be cheap, inappropriate. . . which of course never actually stopped me before. 
First, some notes about the clip and the lineup from the YouTube page:
Reunited after many years with tenor saxophonist Lester Young, Billie's visual reaction to his moving solo remains as eloquent as anything she ever sang; a touching finale to their historic musical partnership. Introduced by Robert Herridge (producer/host of CBS' "The Sound of Jazz"), this is perhaps the single most famous "live jazz" performance in TV history. Other members of the all-star band seen here: Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Gerry Mulligan, Roy Eldridge, Doc Cheatham, Vic Dickenson, Danny Barker, Milt Hinton, Mal Waldron…"We shall not see their likes again."
For those of you who know jazz, this is truly a Hall of Fame lineup.
What's your favorite expression of love through art? 
On the more academic side, I've studied what we mean by romantic or sexual love from many angles, not the least of which is my own life, through lots of loss, farce and hapless, human error.  Books I've found helpful, from my psych training, have included, but have not been limited to, The Art of Loving, The Anatomy of Loving, The Symposium and On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored, to name just a very few.  They might be a little psych wonky for general use, but you never know.
Wanna talk about what you've learned about love?  Have any questions for anyone in the community?  Feel free to change your nickname for privacy if you like.  No one will tell.
If none of that floats your boat, consider this an open thread.
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