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Waiting Room — Update


Just got off the phone with Digby.  Jane is currently up and walking around the ICU floor.  Digby tells me that the hospital has WiFi and, knowing Jane as I do, I wouldn't be surprised if she demanded her laptop so that she can keep up with the news today.  No word on the testing results from pathology — that is likely to take a while, yet, but the surgery portion of things and recovery therefrom continues to go well.

Also, Jane's sister Pam sent along a thank you note to everyone this morning, and I want to share it:

To Christy, Digby, all the folks sitting in the FDL waiting room yesterday, as I was waiting in Tulsa:

I was sitting reading all the postings last night, so thankful for the love and support my sister has been given by you guys. Words simply cannot express what I feel.

Jane and I talked before her surgery, and we agreed that I didn't need to be there right now, but will be there later on. I can see why – she has enough bodies and hearts there that I can still manage my home-front and prepare to be with her later.

With much love and a multitude of gratitude,


Right back at you, Pam.  This is likely to be a series of steps — we just don't know what those steps will be until we hear more from the doctors and get the test results back and analyzed for the next step in treatment options.  But, rest assured, we'll all be pulling for Jane, every step of the way, whatever it takes, in all the days, weeks, months…whatever…to come.

I'm so happy to hear that Jane is up and moving around this morning, I just had to post a kick up your heels photo.  And, just for Jane and John Amato (and you know WHY I'm posting this…), a song of celebration.  Mwahahaha.

We've cleared the first hurdle.  Here's to clearing every single hurdle left in the path — every single one.

UPDATE:  From Digby in the comments:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Jane this AM and she is already chomping at the bit to get out. They feel she will probably be released from the hospital early, as a matter of fact, because she’s recovering from the surgery so quickly.

Last night we were talking to her surgeon — a truly amazing man, part sage, part artist, part scientist — who said it was his experience that when someone had this many people sending powerful messages of love and support they healed better and faster. So, on Jane’s behalf, thanks for all that positive energy yesterday. It made a difference.

*Also, to the person who noticed I was blogging yesterday — I was surprised to find I was in a hospital equipped with wifi, which allowed me to fall back on my blogging as a way of keeping it together while sitting in a waiting room filled with stress, worry and tragedy. There were many stories taking place all around us yesterday, most of them fraught with fear and sadness. Blogging was a sort of therapy and I was grateful for it.

As it happens, the first thing out of Jane’s mouth when I saw her was “did they finish jury selection?” so I was glad I had kept up!

(We bloggers are an odd bunch, aren’t we?)

That is SO Jane, isn't it? Thanks so much for all the updates, Digby.

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