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Mitt the Twit Twists in the Wind


Uh oh, more bad news for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.  According to LifeSite News,  a new letter sent out by “pro-family” leaders back in December, asked him to repeal a decision he made forcing government officials to perform marriages where parties were of the same sex before he stepped down.  He never acted on this and thus acted in a pro-gay manner and should not be supported according to these leaders and LifeSite News.

A letter addressed to Massachusetts’ ex-governor Mitt Romney has just been made public in which 44 conservative, pro-family leaders from across the nation requested that before stepping down from office, Romney would adhere to the Massachusetts Constitution and repeal his order directing public officials to perform `same-sex marriages’.

The letter was hand delivered to members of Romney’s staff on December 20th, 2006 at his office.  Romney took no action to adhere to the letter’s requests before he left office at the beginning of the New Year.

The letter cited numerous, historical cases and the Massachusetts’ Constitution to assert that Romney’s actions in implementing `gay marriage’ were beyond the bounds of his authority as governor. The authors further asserted that his actions were unconstitutional as were the actions of the four initial judges who formulated the official opinion on the matter in the `Goodridge’ case, the case that originally brought the matter to national attention.

Mitt can’t catch a break.  The left doesn’t like him, and the right doesn’t like him.  Pretty much no one likes him.

We report, you decide.

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