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New Mexico bible beater introduces marriage amendment bill

“I just feel that it’s the right thing to do, and maybe children would grow up with both parents and know who they are, and not come up against two ladies or two gentlemen. Although I’m sure that they make wonderful parents. But, I feel, according to the Bible, it strongly suggests that’s why God created Adam and Eve.”
—  Rep. Gloria Vaughn (Rethug), spouting her faith as a reason to discriminate

This lawmaker failed to pass a DOMA in New Mexico in 2005, so now she’s hell-bent on “letting the people decide” on the rights of the state’s gay residents. (Farmington Daily Times):

“Most of the advice I got from different people suggested I go Constitution. It’s a stronger law with teeth,” Vaughn said. “It’s tougher (to pass), but hopefully those that are for it will vote for it.”

A constitutional resolution must be approved by a majority of all members elected in both the House and Senate, as opposed to a majority of those present, which is required for regular bills. If the resolution is passed in both the House and Senate and signed by the governor, it would then have to be approved by voters.

The one shining light is that it may die in committee.

This is also very public test on the issue of marriage equality for another possible Dem candidate for prez in 2008, Governor Bill Richardson. It will be interesting to see where he comes down on the issue now, since in 2005, he was willing to sign Vaughn’s DOMA if it had passed, but he wanted an option for civil unions. Will he come out and make a statement on the possibility of civil rights being placed on ballot in his state?

Vaughn’s had a bug up her posterior since 2004 when Sandoval County Clerk Victoria Dunlap issued marriage licenses to over 60 couples because NM law defines marriage as a contract between contracting parties without mentioning gender. These licenses were later declared invalid.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding