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Libby Live Blogging: Moonwalking?


I don't have this solid, but the rumor around here is we may have fewer qualified jurors past the initial round of scrutiny now than we did this morning. We may be walking backwards today.

Two jurors already through the first cut apparently approached the bench for sidebar conversations this morning not visible to our closed circuit camera.  The inference drawn is that these jurors approached the judge with new information about their circumstances to the effect that they will not be able to serve after all.  The Court will not confirm or deny any of this.

Through the morning, we have completed the initial review of 6 potential jurors, of whom 5 have been excused.  This morning we had – or we thought we had – 24 qualified potential jurors with 9 others excused.  So to all appearances, we now have 25 potential jurors with 13 having been excused, but remember, we're unsure of two we thought we "had."  We may, in fact, have only 23 qualified jurors so far, one less than where we started this morning.  We just don't know.

Remember, we still have to go through peremptory strikes by both sides.  The magic number is 36 pre-qualified jurors before strikes, so we can get to 12 jurors and 4 alternates. 

After a short recess, we're supposed to reconvene at 1:50 PM EST, where we will rejoin a potential juror whose voir dire was interrupted by the break. . . and by a few of the several lengthy sidebar conversations this morning.  There's a lot of wrangling going on between defense and the prosecution over the boundaries of admissable questioning by the defense about the war, as part of the backdrop to this case.  For more depth on the tussles and isses, see this morning's live blogging thread.

[CHS here:  There may be a slight hiccup in the WiFi in the courthouse media room.  If you don't hear from Pach immediately, he'll be on liveblogging as soon as he possibly can.  Jane's Waiting Room thread is still open for discussion there.  And Peterr has a fantastic post up for non-Plame-related discussions.  Thanks all for your patience and your support.  More news as we get it.]


Court is done for today.

We now stand at 30 qualified jurors on the pool, but we need 36. It took us all day to get 6, so the Judge adjourned for the night and hopes to complete jury selection Monday. Opening statements, he said, will not commence until Tuesday at the earliest.

The calendar is too full for any jury selection tomorrow though there will be a conference among attorneys tomorrow at 3PM EST, which, according to Jeffress (whom I tracked down in the hall), will cover small issues related to jury instructions, among other things unspecified.  Being inside the courtroom this afternoon was interesting.

I’m going to leave court now and will have an update and nightly recap later on.

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