Who you gonna trust?

Dafydd at Big Lizards (The Ugliest Blog on Earth&#153) finds that the four generals who spoke today at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee against increasing our troop strength in Iraq are lacking because not one of them has “any military experience post-9/11” which is when, as we all remember, EVERYTHING CHANGED including common sense and all military tactics dating back to The Great Stick/ Pointy Rock War. Therefore they don’t know shit about nothin’, unlike, say Dafydd who, you may remember, won the battle of Doom #2: Hell on Earth and served with distinction in Balance of Power for Star Trek Next Generation in 1994.

Oh sure, laugh if you will, but there have been no Ferengi bandit attacks on America since 1994, for which America has yet to thank Dafydd by at least buying him a hoagie or something.

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