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Libby Live Blogging: Past the Halftime Break


Here's the halftime score:

We need 36 jurors qualified before we get to peremptory challenges, to allow us a full jury with alternates.

They've reviewed 19 prospective jurors so far, of whom four have been dismissed.  One of those was one excused due to work conflicts, and the other three because they harbor varying degrees of inability take the administration or its members, such as Vice President Cheney, at their word.   The AP's Matt Apuzzo has more .

That leaves us with 15 of the needed 36 now at the lunchtime break in the niddle of day two of what is scheduled to be three days of jury selection.  We will probably take all day tomorrow.

Jump in to the comment thread for any questions you have of me, and once jury selection begins again, I'll be typing notes and updates as fast as I can throughout the afternoon.  Oh, and if you appreciate the work we're doing on this and other days, please have a look at Christy's request for an infusion of financial support to cover our costs.

Later on tonight, I'll have a wrap up of the day's events posted here and at the Huffington Post

UPDATE:  One of yesterday's qualified jurors just had to be excused.  See details here

UPDATE II:  Word around the courthouse is Cheney will testify in court in person.   

UPDATE III:  At the end of today's voir dire, we seem to have 24 still in the game, 9 excused.  I'll recheck my notes before making my summary later tonight.  We need 36 total before we get to the peremptory challenges by either side, to make up a jury with sufficient alternates.

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