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The Wildmon Bunch vs. IKEA

I need to ask Pam if I could borrow her “tiny violin” so I could play it for Don Wildmon and the “American Family” Association.

[Sure! Here you go… — Pam]

The recent campaign of the AFA’s One Million Dads/Moms/Kids/Assholes activist project is to after IKEA because they feel “threatened” by the Swedish furniture chain’s gay-friendly commercials.


IKEA – Commercial tries to rewrite American values

“Many of you have written about the IKEA furniture commercial. Although IKEA is not a nationally known company, they are growing, with stores in most major U.S. cities. IKEA is a Sweden-based retail furniture company and they are trying to force their liberal worldview on Americans through television.

Their latest U.S.-aired commercial features a homosexual male couple and young female child on the floor, resting up against each other, as they lean on the front of their couch. The voiceover poses the question: ‘Why shouldn’t sofas come in flavors, just like families?’

This is just one of many pro-homosexual ads IKEA airs around the world.

Please let IKEA know that the promotion of homosexual couples as a ‘family’ is offensive and undermines American values.”

1. The only people offended by the commercial are ignorant people.  Also, there is actually no such thing as “American values”…and if there is such thing, it would not be a monopoly of the AFA and other church nazi groups.

2. There isn’t an IKEA store in Tupelo (home of AFA), or elsewhere in Mississippi or most locations where the AFA has its conservative base.  I don’t know if the AFA gets it (like they ever will), but IKEA is more of an urban (as opposed to rural) furniture store.  Like if the AFA would buy anything from there.

3. The commercials have been going on for over ten years, but now they appeared on the AFA’s “gaydar”.

4. Perhaps they should join Fred Phelps and his Westboro Fascist Church for their whiny “God Hates Sweden” campaign.

The folks over at Commercial Closet might send me an e-mail regarding this worthless protest campaign by the AFA.

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