Michele Bachmann on Foreign Policy:  6th District Republican Candidates Debate, November 2005.

Audio:  Timescape Productions

MPR – Jan 5, 2007

Sixth District Rep. Michele Bachmann, also beginning her first term in Congress, has a much less clear idea of what should be done. Bachmann says she thinks visiting Iraq would help her figure it out.

“I don’t believe we have all of the information in front of us. As a member of Congress that’s why I want to go to Iraq as quickly as I can. I want to get the best information in front of me,” she told
Minnesota Public Radio.

Kevin Diaz, Brady Averill:  Minnesota Delegation Offers Cool Response.  January 8th, 2007, Strib:

Some Republican support

Bush can find support for a troop surge from Reps. John Kline and Michele Bachmann, strong supporters of the U.S. military intervention in Iraq.

“The American people deserve to hear and understand the merits of increasing U.S. troop presence in Iraq,” Bachmann said. “Increased troop presence is justifiable if that measure would bring a swift conclusion to a difficult conflict.”

Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, January 11, 2007

Q:  On the president and the speech, are you with the president?

A:  I am with the president.  I am absolutely…  I’ll tell you what..  I’m with freedom.  I don’t like bad guys.  I hate terrorist thugs.  They have to be defeated and freedom has to win. George Bush is the only individual in the world who is taking on this terrorist threat.

Brady Averill and Kevin Diaz, Minnesota delegation weighs in on Bush plan for more troops, January 11, 2007 – 9:45 PM

WASHINGTON – President Bush’s troop increase in Iraq has put the squeeze on a number of Capitol Hill Republicans, not the least freshman House member Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

Just a week into office, Bachmann found herself trying to straddle a deep divide over a war on which she has long upported the president.

Faced with Bush’s decision this week to increase troops to stabilize violence-torn Baghdad, Bachmann hesitated to give a firm endorsement, calling it instead “a good first step in explaining to the American people the course toward victory in Iraq.”

Early in the week she said she was open to more troops but wanted more information, and she disputed news accounts that indicated she supported the increase. Late in the day Thursday, her spokeswoman, Heidi Frederickson, said, “If Michele had to vote on it, it would be yes, to support.”

Congress members Bachmann, Oberstar differ on interpreting Bush’s Iraq War speech 
Friday, 12 January 2007, ECM

Reaction to President Bush’s speech to the nation on Iraq on Wednesday night differed starkly between Minnesota’s longest serving congressman and the state’s newest congresswoman.

Sixth District Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, R-Stillwater, heard the president outline a new, aggressive strategy aimed at defeating “the violent enemies of freedom,” she said in a call from Washington on Thursday (Jan. 11).

“The threat that’s before us is, ‘Who will run Iraq,'” said Bachmann.

“Will it be terrorist thugs who take it over. Or will it be a legitimate government elected by the people,” she said.

Bachmann views the Iraq War as a theatre of a global war on terror.

Why should people care who runs Iraq, she rhetorically asked.

“The reason I think it’s important is because the radical terrorists have already told us their intentions,” she said.

“They plan to destroy America’s freedom. And they plan to kill innocent Americans,” she said.

“It’s really that simple and it’s also that important,” said Bachmann.

Swift conclusion sought

Asked whether Bush’s plan for an eventual troop buildup of more than 20,000 U.S. forces in the Baghdad area would succeed, Bachmann said that’s the hope. “We have to make sure we’re engaging in a strategy that will bring about the swiftest conclusion we can have to this war,” she said.

“What I am supportive of is winning this war against the radical terrorists. And whatever means we need to employ to win this war, I am supportive of,” said Bachmann.

It would be nice if some reporter got her comment on how the Minnesota National Guard were notified of an extension of their duty through the media.