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California Log Cabinettes pressure the Governator to sign marriage equality bill

What a pickle Arnold Schwarzenegger is in. While most Republicans have been bleating about activist judges when it comes to marriage equality, he’s been running the other way, vetoing bills that the state legislature has passed that give gays and lesbians the right to marry. He believes that “the matter should be decided by voters or the courts.”

The Cali chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans will have none of it. (NBC11):

“When it comes to marriage, we believe in the fundamental fairness of the American people. There has never been a major civil rights movement that has failed in the United States,” said statewide director of the Log Cabin Republicans, James Vaughn.

Political analyst Steve Swatt said a gay marriage bill in California is an uphill fight. “Certainly Gov. Schwarzenegger is a moderate, or seems to be, in the true sense of the word,” Swatt said. “Yet if he does sign this, he certainly would lose a great deal of his Republican base in California.”

Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) introduced the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act in the state Assembly and Senate last month. The same measure passed last year and was terminated by the Governator.

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