Everyone Gets A Mulligan Day

Doug Feith’s understudy, Dan Riehl, pops a hemorrhoid over Rod Dreher’s apostasy:

It continues to amaze me how the Right so often bucks up admittedly fine, talented and intelligent young men as the would be sages of their age by giving their words such notoriety, when they are so lacking in deeds other than writing – read experience and genuine maturity. And I am not calling Rod Dreher a poseur within the context of his Conservatism, I am calling him that within the context of someone who pretended to have the strength, vision, experience, insight and wisdom to support a difficult war.


Is this President a mortal human capable of making a misjudgment? Is Donald Rumsfeld? Sure! Again, so what? Aren’t we all likely to err, most especially when situations are so complex and dynamic as within a troubled Middle-eastern nation during time of war?

What is it you expected from the beginning? That we’d have this thing done in two hours, so you could run to the fridge and grab a coke? That’s not a failing of President Bush, Mr. Dreher, it’s a failure in the depth of your thought.

3000 dead American soldiers in Iraq, hundreds of thousands dead, the entire infrastructure of a country destroyed, religious civil war, impending collapse….It’s all Rod Dreher’s fault.

To paraphrase Eddie Izzard: Rod must get up very early in the morning.

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