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Ex-gay-for-pay Thomas can't take the heat — he shuts off access to his web page

I agree with Scott — Exodus Membership Director and “former homosexual” Randy Thomas has taken his blogging ball and left the internet playground.

A man who makes his living by publicly hobnobbing with homophobes like Daddy D, Marilyn Musgrave, and Tony Perkins, and who participates in the sham known as “ex-gay” advocacy, telling gays and lesbians that they cannot be happy unless they “turn straight,” can’t handle it when the motives for his behavior are publicly called into question.

  The day after this blog post went up (thanks, John!), pointing out the many issues folks have with Randy’s Exodus mission, he yanked public access to his web page. Coincidence, or is Randy just a sad sack guy. We report, you decide.

Randy’s on the right; his gf, fellow ex-homo Lorraine Durso on the far left. Durso, you might recall, headed up a Exodus panel on Finding Freedom From Masturbation.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding