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Yale chorus members beaten in homophobic attack — no arrests

Members of Yale’s popular choral group, The Baker’s Dozen, were brutally attacked by a bunch of goons after leaving a New Year’s Eve party in San Francisco, where where one of the partygoers unleashed “faggot” and “homo” at the victims just before he called in friends to jump them. (KGO-TV/ABC7):

The trouble started at midnight after The Baker’s Dozen sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” Witnesses say a few local young men didn’t appreciate the attention the Yale students were getting, made fun of their conservative dress and began taunting them and making threats.

Leanna Dawydiak, Hosted Party: “They had something here special that these other fellas obviously didn’t have and that irritated them.”

Witnesses say 19-year-old Richard Aicardi was the most aggressive.

Sharyar Aziz: “‘You’re not welcome here,’ he called a few members of the group, whether it was fag or homo, very, I would say, juvenile taunting.”

Aicardi took out his cell phone and called in reinforcements.

Reno Rapagnani [the attorney who hosted the party]: “He said, ‘I’m 20 deep, my boys are coming.'”

That’s pretty clear cut, isn’t it? Aicardi called his thug boyz to come bash a few heads in. The beatings then ensued outside the house as 5-7 assailants attacked members of the chorus. A nearby church’s surveillance camera captured the vehicle carrying the attackers.

Take a look at this slideshow of pictures of the victims of the crime. Singer Sharyar Aziz was seriously injured, with his jaw broken in two places;  he required reconstructive surgery,  his jaws wired shut and two titanium plates placded in his face in order to recover.

The pictures in that slideshow are the result of the quick thinking by the hosts, who captured the injuries of The Bakers Dozen members as proof of the savagery. It’s the work the SFPD should have done when the crime was reported, but they didn’t. Members of the choral group also identified four of the attackers to the police, and they were briefly detained, but no one has been arrested more than a week after the incident, according to KGO-TV.

What’s going on here, why the foot-dragging? Read after the flip — it may explain it all…

The couple who hosted the party wonder whether the authorities are moving slowly because of the family involved. Rich Aicardi and two of his brothers who were involved in the incident are the sons of prominent San Francisco pediatrician Eileen Aicardi.

The I-Team met with Eileen Aicardi and her sons last night. They invited us into their home in the shadow of Coit Tower, but later declined to be interviewed. Rich Aicardi did not want to have his picture taken.

The reporter of this piece asked Mayor Gavin Newsom about the incident and behavior of the SFPD; he did not address or comment on the issue. The SFPD spokesman, Neville Gittens had this to say: “What you want to do is you want to have a complete, thorough investigation. So the officers responded, the fight was abated and now an investigation is ongoing.”

I’m sure that all the facts will eventually come out.

Gavin, you can do better than this. Get your DA on the case.

The Yale Daily News has a piece on the incident, and quotes Aziz’s father as saying  the Aicardi boys have “a local reputation for violence.”

H/t Towleroad (via Steve).

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