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Things from the mailbag…

* Porno Pete’s stable mate picks on Myspace teen. This is low. Sonja Dalton, one of LaBarbera’s helpers over at AFT, decided to pick on a 16-year-old who dared to call out the organization for its anti-gay screeds. The attack is pathetic, picking on the grammar of the kid, posting his Myspace link (probably hoping to sic some fundies after him. Luckily, folks picked up on this one. See one response hereJody Wheeler also wrote an open letter to Dalton.

Angered by his comments, and contemptuous not only of his peers, but his peer group too, you refrained from addressing him personally, by way of a quick note, or even a comment on his blog. Rather, while dressed in the uniform of your employer, you proceeded to bitch-slap the young man, film it, and play it back in the Public Square for all to see. Oh, and you expected kudos for your actions.

* Blender Joel points us to a story of frat boy fun in Texas: Members of a UT fraternity scrawled anti-gay phrases on a pledge at a December 2005 party; the pledge where he consumed a fatal amount of alcohol, according to an autopsy report that was released yesterday.

* Openly gay Virginia Delegate Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria) has
launched a new blog
called “In the Belly of the Beast.” He will post an insider’s view of the House of Delegates during the 2007 legislative session. He also has some posts up on an appreciation of President Gerald Ford and observations on the swearing in of his friend, Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN.)

* Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America is going after Planned Parenthood again  This folks are tiring.

“The group promotes “values-free” sex education that denigrates morality and parents, and challenges laws through protests, lawsuits, and outright violations such as performing “menstrual extraction” (a misnomer for abortion) where abortion is outlawed.”

H/t Adam, who noted: “Under their rule contraceptives and abortion would be outlawed,  the human population would exceed 100 billion and we would all be living in apartments no bigger than a closet, and they would still proclaim we aren’t producing enough children.”

Much more after the flip…* Have you visited OurChart yet? A creation of The L Word’s Ilene Chaiken, Hilary Rosen and several cast members, I was invited to contribute a little gratis “guestbian” blogging there, my first piece is up now. About the pad:

OurChart is the new site where women can connect, share and hang out with friends of all shapes, stripes, genders and orientations. Launched from an idea in the Showtime hit “The L Word.”, OurChart provides unreleased gems from the show, along with exclusive original editorial and multimedia content from some of the most excellent creative folks out there. OurChart will also let folks create their own chart of friends, lovers, and everyone else in their own L worlds.

* Speaking of The L Word, there’s a virtual representation of the coffeehouse/club The Planet in a feature of the show’s web site called Second Life. I haven’t had the time to surf over and create an avatar, so someone report on what it’s like. Hey, it has to be better than Sgt.  Star. 🙂

* A gay liaison officer for the Missoula, Montana police department, has been selected by the State Department to assist with the training of the Afghan police forces. As Steve notes, the Pentagon should pay attention to the fact that the State Department doesn’t seem to have a problem with hiring openly gay and lesbian professionals for a job.

* The ACLU announced today that it has reached a settlement agreement with officials in White County, Georgia, who were sued after refusing to allow a gay-straight alliance club (GSA) to meet on campus.  The ACLU represents students in the club, who have been trying to meet at White County High School since January of 2005.

“This is a tremendous victory for everyone involved in the case, and for all students at White County High School,” said James Esseks, Litigation Director of the ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Project.  “We’re pleased that we helped to ensure that all students can participate in extracurricular clubs, including the PRIDE club, and that the school has agreed to changes that we believe will make its hallways safer for all of its students.”

* Matt Hill Comer who is involved in the Soulforce Equality Ride project, passed on word that there’s an RSS feed tool available with the entries of all the Equality Riders with blogs, so you can monitor their thoughts as they travel around the country. You can access the code here.

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