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Whatever happened to…?

Man-on-Dog. Little Ricky. Did you miss the former senator from Pennsylvania, who made a career out of flogging the homo strawman?

He found a new job…surprise…at a DC think tank as fighting the “War On Terror” by concentrating on “Islamofascism.” Oh, the irony. (Post-Gazette):

Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum has joined a conservative Washington think tank, where he will found and direct a program called “America’s Enemies.”

The program will study “threats posed to America and the West from a growing array of anti-Western forces that are increasingly casting a shadow over our future and violating religious liberty around the world,” according to a statement from the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where he will be a senior fellow.

“In these perilous and uncertain times, I believe it is critical that we define the threats that confront America,” Mr. Santorum said in a prepared statement.

…Mr. Santorum has spoken previously on what he called “Islamic fascism” as the primary threat to the United States. In an article for Crisis magazine he defined it as “a radical, perverted form of Islam” that seeks world domination.

Hat tip, Raw Story.

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