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The Koufax Award nominations are open

The big shindig for progressive blogs. The Koufax Awards, is up and running (show Wampum some love for hosting).

This year a long-needed category was added — “Best Human Equality Blog.”

This was also added due to significant support in last month’s poll. It has always been difficult any new blogger to “break out” in the blogosphere, but even more so for women and minorities, particularly those who tend to focus on issues of gender, sexual identity (LGBT,) economic, and racial inequality. As the goal of the awards has always been to build community, this category seeks to add greater diversity to a still overwhelmingly white, male, middle-class blogosphere, and the tendency of many cross-blog discussions to focus on issues of particular interest to that same limited demographic. As Wampum was originally founded by an American Indian woman (me), this category is perhaps too long in coming.

There are a lot of great blogs that deserve a nod in this category, as well as another new category, Best Consonant Level Blog, which recognizes efforts that are Koufax-worthy but would never win if pitted  against “A-listers” with much larger audiences (and, obviously, a larger voting fan base).

Other categories that you can cast your ballots for: Best Blog, Best Blog-Pro Division, Best Blog Community, Best Writing, Best Post, Best Series, Best Single Issue Blog, Best Group Blog, Most Humorous Blog, Most Humorous Post, Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, Best Consonant Level Blog, Best Expert Blog, Best New Blog, Best Human Equality Blog, Best Coverage of State or Local Issues, Best Commenter.

Have fun checking out the noms and adding your own! Also, here are the 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 winners.

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