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You Want Six Dollars For WHAT?!

Which finger is that again?
The Speaker may be about to show Dubya a different finger.

From the Associated Press this morning:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said newly empowered Democrats will not give President Bush a blank check to wage war in Iraq, hinting they could deny funding if he seeks additional troops.

"If the president chooses to escalate the war, in his budget request, we want to see a distinction between what is there to support the troops who are there now," she said in an interview broadcast Sunday.

"The American people and the Congress support those troops. We will not abandon them. But if the president wants to add to this mission, he is going to have to justify it and this is new for him because up until now the Republican Congress has given him a blank check with no oversight, no standards, no conditions," said Pelosi, D-Calif.

Tough stuff, and given the insecurity-driven fantasies to which the Bushites seem wedded, probably necessary, too.  But unfortunately, not all Democrats are on board: 

Sen. Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said it would be a "tragic mistake" if Bush chooses to increase troops. But Biden, D-Del., said cutting off funds was not an option.

"As a practical matter there is no way to say this is going to be stopped," Biden said regarding a troop increase, unless enough congressional Republicans join Democrats in convincing Bush the strategy is wrong.

Biden added that it probably would be an unconstitutional violation of separation of powers if Democrats were to block Bush's efforts as commander in chief after Congress had voted to authorize going to war.

"It's unconstitutional to say, you can go, but we're going to micromanage," Biden said.

Biden probably has some jealousy issues to work out here as he and Pelosi fight to be more-antiwar-than-thou… but he may have a legal point.  Really, though, who cares?  It's not like the Bushites ever let acting unconstitutionally stand in their way.  Give 'em a dose of their own medicine, I say — draw the line and let them fight it in the courts if they want.

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