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The winger bible beaters can't see the irony

Read this quote without losing your cookies…

“You’ve got to be careful who you let into your country or who you elect, because if they have different religions, then they have different gods — and different gods mean that you can change a country, you [can] change its law.”
— John Lofton, editor of winger site, defending Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode’s comments that Muslims will overrun the country if Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota, a Muslim, used a Koran during his private swearing-in ceremony.

No, we don’t have a problem with wild-eyed, bible-thumping elected leaders and religious “Christian” lobbying groups trying to foist their beliefs on the business of governing the country. Nope, not a bit. Nor are any of these “Christians” attempting to restrict the rights of taxpaying LGBT citizens simply because their bible or pastor tells them so…

Goode, who represents the Fifth District in northern Virginia, has since been called a “bigot” and a “racist,” and has even received condemnation from some within his own party — Senators Lindsey Graham (SC) and John Warner (VA) among them.

“There’s a sense in which [what Goode said is] not all that exciting a statement,” Lofton says. “You’d think every Christian in America would want to preserve our heritage; that was his point.”

..He says Christian leaders and preachers who are unwilling to defend Goode’s statements are comparable to what the Old Testament prophet Isaiah called “dumb dogs that were not varking.

Lofton runs The American View with the 2004 Constitution Party candidate, Michael Peroutka (thanks for the correx).

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding