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I Think It’s That Time Again


"I'm expecting Michelle Malkin to get to the bottom of this." — Glenn Reynolds

So are we all, Instacracker, so are we all.  Unfortunately, the wingnuts are only focused on the fact that the left is laughing uproariously that they once again got busted for just making shit up, and Malkin has gone curiously silent for a couple of days.

Glenn Greenwald: 

Here, Dave Neiwert documents but a fraction of the false accusations they made against AP, and during the controversy itself, he made the excellent point that this whole "controversy" was based on denials by the "Iraqi Government" and the U.S. military of Jamil Hussein's authenticity — military and government denials which they mindlessly ingested and accepted as True like the good little authoritarians that they are.

To this superb commentary I want to add but one point — there is nothing new, unique or surprising about this incident. Exactly this has happened repeatedly, time and again. This is what the right-wing blogosphere does. It is who they are and how they function. The only difference here is that they were so shrill and relentless in their attacks on AP, having prattled on about it for weeks without pause, that they actually pushed their accusations against AP into the national media.

And, to their great credit, AP — which continues to aggressively defend its imprisoned-without- charges Iraqi photojournalist Bilal Hussein (whom right-wing bloggers repeatedly accused of being a Terrorist) — fought back against these accusations. And now the right-wing blogosphere stands revealed as what they are — a pack of gossip-mongering hysterics who routinely attack any press reports that reflect poorly on their Leader or his policies, with rank innuendo, Internet gossip, base speculation, and wholesale error as their most frequent tools of the trade. They operate in packs, constantly repeating each other's innuendo and expanding on it incrementally, and they then cite to each other endlessly in one self-feeding, self-affirming orgy of links, as though that constitutes proof.

And they are wrong over and over and over — and not just in error, but embarrassingly so, because so frequently their claims are transparently, laughably absurd, and they spew the most righteous accusations without any sort of evidence at all. The New Republic has its Stephen Glass and The New York Times has its Jayson Blair. But those are one-off incidents. The right-wing blogosphere is driven by Jayson Blairs. They are exposed as frauds and gossip-mongerers on an almost weekly basis. The only thing that can compete with the consistency of their errors is the viciousness of their accusations and their pompous self-regard as "citizen journalists."

I am desperately afraid that with posts like this, Greenwald is taking unfair advantage of the fact that he is much smarter than I am in order to leap out of the "honorable mention" category and edge me out for a coveted spot on the Most Annoying Liberal list next year.  Now, Michelle Malkin is wrong about things with a regularity that other people show in brushing their teeth.  And BradRocket reminded me today about just a few of her golden oldies (John Kerry shot himself on purpose, remember that chestnut?)  

It just so happens that I recently got ahold of 5 copies of the documentary "Redstate," and we haven't had a good contest around here since the Stupidest Thing Joe Klein Ever Said days.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 

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