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Another Colorado fundie is busted — for stealing $

The hits keep coming out of Colorado. Here’s another homobigot — he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. (The Gazette):

A prominent local pastor has been barred from his parish while his diocese investigates him for possible misuse of church money, the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado confirmed Wednesday.

…The Rev. Donald Armstrong, rector for Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, was placed on 90-day paid administrative leave last week by Bishop Robert O’Neill, head of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado.

…Armstrong is the third Colorado Springs pastor during the past two months to be in the spotlight because of improprieties or allegations of wrongdoing. The Rev. Ted Haggard, senior pastor for New Life Church, was fired in November after a male escort alleged the two had a three-year sexual tryst. Christopher Beard, also on staff at New Life, resigned after revealing he had a “sexual encounter” several years ago.

Armstrong, who has led Grace for 19 years, has been a vocal critic of the broader Episcopal denomination at times, speaking out against the decision to install an openly gay man as a diocesan bishop.


Meanwhile, another Catholic Diocese, this one in Wilmington, DE, is being sued for not reining in a molesting priest (now deceased), who terrorized children in the ’50s and ’60s.

The diocese has acknowledged that the Rev. Edward B. Carley, who died in 1998 at age 82, abused a young male parishioner during his time as the assistant pastor at St. Ann’s Catholic Church, from 1954 to 1962.

The diocese paid $65,000 to that parishioner, John F. Dougherty Jr., to reimburse him for counseling he said he needed as a result of the abuse. Dougherty said Carley raped him when he was 10-years-old and was serving as an altar boy at St. Ann’s, and that Carley abused him repeatedly for several years afterward.

Douglas J. McClure, the plaintiff in the lawsuit filed Thursday, was a classmate of Dougherty’s. Carley molested McClure two to three times a week over a period of two years, when McClure was between 8- and 10-years-old, said his attorney, Thomas Neuberger.

“I am just one of many victims, but I encourage others who have suffered in silence for so long also to come forward,” McClure said in a statement.

Carley’s name was one of 20 released on a list of suspected pedophile priests that the diocese released. According to WBOC, he allegedly “molested boys while discussing spiritual matters, by reading to them from the Bible or explaining the mystery of the Eucharist.”

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