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Americans for Truth's 'response' to Blender's open letter

You’ll recall that Blender Rick posted an open letter to Peter LaBarbera here last week. In it he calmly addressed the Americans for Truth honcho’s obsession with demonizing the LGBT community (after all, it’s the sole mission of AFT to take on “the Homosexual Agenda”). 

A snippet from Rick’s diary:

Peter, how do your actions convey the Golden Rule? Do you love Pam, Autumn, and the rest of the gay community as you love yourself? Truly, do you? In what ways are you reaching out to the gay community to convey the love of Christ to them? How are you helping to defend the poor, sick, and weak? And let’s be perfectly frank here, telling people that they’re sick and perverted only makes them feel attacked, since in all reality, it really is a character attack. Are you showing the love of Christ to these people, or committing character assassination? Perhaps it’s time to turn away from press releases for a while, and actually follow the Golden Rule. You could volunteer with your local LGBT community center doing HIV prevention, and show them the love of Christ more than you ever will with hollow words. Perhaps at next year’s pride parade or leather ball, it would be more fitting to show your love in meaningful ways (such as passing out water bottles) rather than standing in judgement with picket signs. Or, perhaps we could see you actively campaign against other sins, such as gluttony (obesity in the Church, anyone?) divorce, greed, or any other myriad of sins. Constantly harping on the issue of gay sin while you ignore others only makes you look like a hypocrite, and turns away members of the gay community. Remember, you will have to answer to Christ when he asks if your actions deterred gay people from coming to Him, rather than leading them to Him. What will you be able to say?

Rick received a response (sort of), but apparently Peter wasn’t around to do it, someone named Sonja Dalton takes on the pitiful deed, which turns out to be little more than a brief, feeble diatribe about Rick’s choice of T-shirt that is featured in the AFT post (it says “Enjoy Cock”, a parody of the Coca-Cola logo), never addressing the content of the diary in any serious way.

Sad, but not unexpected.

Back in December 2005, Peter emailed me because he was peeved about several of my posts discussing his predilection for trolling “undercover” at International Mr. Leather and Chicago Gay Pride on multiple occasions to get an insider’s perspective on the gay community as a whole.

My response is here. A snippet:

Peter: I have to chuckle at your description of me as “leather loving,” but it’s par for the course for homosexual activists who use smear tactics rather than facts to discredit their opponents. Often they turn the extremes of the “gay” movement (e.g., sadism/masochism) against their foes-sophomoric as that tactic is….Dare I say that you, too, would be highly offended at some of the activities that are “tolerated” there-such as a booth for the “Waterboys”-men who urinate on and in one another for sexual pleasure?

Pam: Quite frankly, I don’t think much about this stuff unless I read it on bible-beating moralist news sites, why do you? While I personally don’t find the idea of this particular practice appealing, I don’t have to partake in it, nor do you or your fellow good Christians. This is about adult, consensual behavior (despite your attempt to pre-empt the use of this as a counter-argument).  Why is this not a persuasive argument? Are you saying you would like to criminalize golden showers? How, exactly, would that be enforced? Hetero or homo participants or both?

If the issue is about the decline of public morality or that our society has an unusual and unhealthy preoccupation with sex, that’s a different matter worthy of debate, but I don’t see what this has to do with sexual orientation or private consensual acts.

When you make multiple trips to “uncover” deviant acts by “going undercover” to gay pride events (or International Mr. Leather), this kind of effort doesn’t tell your audience anything about the entire gay community, any more than heading to hetero swingers clubs, a frat house or the local meet-market bar tells me about straight sexual culture. Sexual subcultures exist along the entire orientation spectrum. Why are you so fixated on the sex? Is it because it is non-procreative? Explain this need to place yourself in these situations.

Unfortunately I didn’t receive any response to my questions from the former head of the Illiniois Family Institute.

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