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Trolling Through the Swamps of the Freepi

Yes on this particularly murky rainy day in Washington DC, the Swamps of the Freepi seem murkier, slimier, and ultimately more dangerous as the nasty claws and teeth gnash and gnarl at their prey.

Today’s victim subject is Barney Frank(D, MA) via hotair: (emphasis mine)

There’s no other way around it: When you accuse someone of perpetrating “ethnic cleansing” in any way, shape or form, you are accusing them of genocide.

Genocide. Let that word work its way around your mind for an moment. Genocide is the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. Think about that. And then watch the most grotesque public statement made by any elected official in the United States in the last 100 years.

No, I’m not kidding or reaching for the hyperbole. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) in the video below accuses the Bush administration of perpetrating “ethnic cleansing by hurricane” in Louisana after Katrina, in order to make Louisiana more Republican. The video and audio quality aren’t good, but the words are there. Listen a couple of times if you have to.

More after the jump including freepentary (sort of like dissentary)

Yes, he was recorded in his office on the Hill accusing the Bush Administration of “ethnic cleansing” for how poorly the Hurricane Katrina disaster of 2005 was/is handled.  He was referring to the overwhelming majority of citizens who were trapped in New Orleans and the Super Dome because of socioeconomic parity and the government’s seemingly unwillingness/inaction to get these citizens out of harm’s way or to deliver relief and aid immediately afterwards.

The problem comes from the fact that the majority of the citizens in New Orleans are black (this meets the racial part of his definition of genocide), 2. liberal (oops there’s that political caveat), and cajun (wow even cultural!).  So in a way Rep. Frank was right.  Barney Frank still may have stepped over a line of courtesey for one’s President, but he’s not too far off the mark. has provided a transcript.  Below is the video.

[Sorry Pam, I didn’t want to infringe on your usage, but I like the idea.]

Barney boy is a flaming homo and is destine for the flaming fires of hell. Who cares what the liberal slime ball says.

The rhetoric of the moonbats has reached an embarrassing level. I have never seen discourse at such a low level at today’s moonbats. It is scary that our country consists of about 20-25% of the people who our truely delusional. They sit in the Senate and they write newspaper articles and they sing songs and they act in movies. This country is going down the tubes.

A certified ‘ass bandit’ has no right using the word “cleansing” in a sentence.

I’m ready for war with these people… I’ve had it.

Now this guy needs some cleansing. Not just ethnic either.

Based on the audio clips Ingraham played today, Cavuto reamed Barney a new one. This is just Barney trying to reclaim his, er, manhood. /ewwwwwwwwwww

[The lowlifes even have to bring his partner into this and make a snide joke] Somebody’s got your ethnic cleansing in their hand, Barney….


Shame on the voters in his district for re-electing this creep.

Too bad he didn’t clean out his basement when his lover was running a brothel in there.

Barney Frank accuses Bush of genocide “ethnic cleansing

If only we could do some stupid people cleansing. [ya think?]

…actually I think we should start a genocide….getting rid of fems like Barney Frank….

Liberals habitually overuse hot-button words like hate, racism, genocide, et., to the point to where they don’t mean anything. Like the boy who cried wolf, when they encounter the real thing, no one will believe them.

Cleanse the following first:

Rump Rangers, Fudge packers, Rear admirals, and the rest of Bwarneys buddies.

This writer needs a bath in disenfectant.

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