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More whining about the alleged coming attack on 'Christianity'

It’s reaching a fever pitch; you can hear the bible-beaters wailing as Congress has slipped from their fingers, screeching that discrimination against the “Christians” is about to begin. Take this thumper from Rev. Tinkywinky’s Liberty Counsel.

An attorney with Liberty Counsel says Christians must be prepared to stand for their rights as the new year begins. Mary McAlister is senior counsel with Florida-based Liberty Counsel. She says Christians in America should not be surprised that liberal groups are trying to remove all references to God from the public square. McAlister urges believers in the U.S. to pray and be vigilant when it comes to taking a stand for constitutional rights. “We need to ask God to bless our nation and to turn hearts around,” she says, “and also for strength, when these challenges come, to stand up to them.”

Also, the pro-family attorney observes, believers need to ask God to help them “not be bullied by groups like the ACLU or Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, or these other groups that are just playground bullies, really.” Such groups “go in there, and they start beating up on people,” she says, “and in most cases they go after either small government agencies or school districts.” Also, McAlister adds, Christians need to be prepared to defend traditional, biblical marriage and family values, as she expects the battle over same-sex “marriages” to intensify this year.

Wait until we start rounding you all up and burning your bibles, you freakshows. Seriously, it’s time for real Christians, who believe in the separation of church and state, to take the mic away from these people.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding