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Am I the only one whose Spidy Sense is tingling over the Giuliani document theft?

Republicans love to steal things, and their honor among thieves doesn't seem to hold up under pressure all that well (see:  Abramoff, Jack).   Just as Gerald Ford passes and memories of the White House plumbers remind us what a great tradition of election information theft exists within the GOP, one has to wonder — who lifted the stuff (in Florida) and gave it to Ben Smith?  Has someone infiltrated Giluliani's campaign, were people paid off along the way, or was it simply an uncharacteristic bit of GOP altruism?

The document was obtained by the Daily News from a source sympathetic to one of Giuliani's rivals for the White House. 

"A source sympathetic to one of Giuliani's rivals for the White House."  Well, that leaves no shortage of suspects now does it.  Lord McCain has proven himself to be a man who will do just about anything in the quest for the White House; one has to wonder if the Nixonian hagiography the GOP has been engaging in has finally resulted in a wee bit of overreach on his part.

I can tell this is just going to be like a sore spot your gum you just can't help poking. There's more to this.

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Jane Hamsher

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