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Bush's failed Supreme Court nom Miers steps down from counsel post

Ah, more good news, as even Dear Leader’s cooing friends run for cover.

The now-you-see-her-now-you-don’t failed Bush nominee to SCOTUS has thrown in the towel as chief fawning officer White House counsel. (USA Today):

As White House counsel, Miers works behind-the-scenes overseeing a team of attorneys who provide legal advice to Bush on matters large and small. But when Bush picked her to fill an opening at the Supreme Court, she became a household name, albeit briefly. Her background and every word were scrutinized. Television cameras rolled as she walked up Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers charged with confirming her as a justice.

She dropped out under fire from conservatives who criticized her for having thin credentials on constitutional law and no proven record as a judicial conservative.

And that’s how we ended up with Samuel Alito on the court.

The Miers debacle was pure Bush incompetence. He nominates his in-house lawyer, who’s clearly missing adequate credentials for the SCOTUS job, then lets her twist in the wind as the fundies pummeled her her. Concerned Women for America said Harriet was a stealth liberal for her “views on abortion and a woman’s `self-determination,’ quotas, feminism and the role of judges as social activists. ”

Chimpy later attempted to pump her up after she released laughable responses to the required nominee questionnaire. Daddy D was relieved when she withdrew.

I guess we will see a lot of rats abandoning this sinking ship of an administration.

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