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Risk – the Victor Davis Non Compus Menti Hanson edition

This post has nothing about VDNCMH in it, for that you go here (thanks to Roy). But you’ll have to excuse me while I whip this rant out:

It appears that Jamil Hussein does indeed exist and, due to the intrepid work of our nations housebound citizen journalists he has been exposed and arrested for apparently not saying “Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!” with a big shit-eating grin every time a journalist speaks to him. What is his life worth now in civil war-bound Iraq? About as much as a remaindered Hugh Hewitt book, maybe less if possible. And what does Gun Counter Gomer have to say? The headline speaks volumes:

Game On: AP Claims Jamil Hussein Is Real, Faces Arrest

Yes, “Game On“. Because Hussein isn’t a real person, well, actually he is, but he’s one of those brown muslim types who don’t even rate a three-fifths clause so if he’s “disappeared” in jail or freed only to be yanked off of the street and found later with drill holes in his skull, too bad. The only good Hussein is a dead Hussein, freedom is on the march, birth pangs of a new Middle East and all that.

And if you’re the slack-jawed yokel who calls himself Confederate Yankee all of this is just a game. The Americans going off to fight Islamofascism are little red white and blue cubes. The Iraqis are brown except when they’re covered in red. And the Confederate Yankees of the world stroke their chins (stroke’em if you got’em) and roll their little rhetorical dice then sit back and watch the shrapnel fly and the heads roll and if things don’t work out they can always double down except that it’s called a “surge” now. Because, when you’re a non-participant and you’re not on the board, what have you got to lose? It’s just a fucking game and when life deals you a trick knee that keeps you from being a soldier/park ranger/astronaut and you’re shunted off to the gun counter at Big 5 at least you can feel like you’re a part of the game.

Even if you’re the little yellow cube waving a flag on the sidelines.

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