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Gary Bauer: the Homo Agenda is around the corner

And he’s certain that the Homosexual Agenda is at the top of the list of priorities of the next Congress. Where’s he getting that information? We’ve SO been on a roll lately, huh? (AgapePress):

A conservative spokesman and former U.S. presidential candidate warns that efforts to advance the homosexual agenda will intensify when the new Democrat-led Congress convenes Thursday.

Gary Bauer of American Values believes the homosexual rights movement sees the new Congress as a vehicle to make further progress in getting homosexuality to be considered a protected civil rights category. He says Democrats will also likely try to enact government-wide hate crimes legislation. “It is going to be up to strong conservative senators in the United States Senate to use the same delaying that the liberals used in the Senate for the last six years to stop conservative initiatives,” Bauer asserts. “And if that fails,” he says, “then we’re going to be counting on President Bush to get out that veto pen, which has been barely used and certainly is able to be used now — and used often, if necessary.”

According to Bauer, lobbies favoring same-sex “marriage” and abortion are already raising millions of dollars in anticipation of a Supreme Court vacancy.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding