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Exodus Freedom Conference: no wankie for you

A little birdie dropped this unbelievable laff-fest in my mailbox today. The pray-away-the-gay-crowd at Exodus International also has another mission — to keep the the ex-gay evangenitals’ hands off of their holy pee-pees and hoo-hahs — look at this Freedom Conference it held last year.

Jeebus and Russell Willingham will show the hairy palm set how to stop stroking the pole.

What’s Wrong With Masturbation?
We’ve all wondered about Masturbation. Is it healthy self-expression or a bondage? What does the Bible say and not say about it? In this workshop we will explore these questions and look at ways to deal with this challenging issue.

And for the ladies, former lesbian Lorraine Durso, the girlfriend of “ex-gay for pay” Randy Thomas, Exodus International’s Director of Membership,  gives you assistance on how to stop thinking about Muffin buffin’.

Finding Freedom From Masturbation
Often in our recovery we trade one vice for another in an effort to medicate from our pain. Many have given up sex with others in exchange for self-sex, considering it the lesser of two evils. A former chronic masturbator shares her struggle to overcome her habit and the shame, guilt, and contempt that accompanied. This class will explore whether masturbation is sin, are there special circumstances when it is not, tips and techniques to increase self-control, the importance of accountability, and the role of thought life.

Randy, btw, had his own special session, one with unique cinematic flair

Escaping the Gaytrix
In the blockbuster trilogy, The Matrix, moviegoers are challenged to explore a fundamental theme we can all relate too: what is the truth underlying reality? This workshop will challenge and explore how gay defined reality is a complete system of beliefs, moral code and philosophy presented as imposed reality on all those who have same sex attraction. Christ presents a complete paradigm shift that initially feels like Morpheus’ statement “Welcome to the desert of the real,” but in reality, while Truth may be initially foreign and difficult, Jesus leads us to the abundant Life found in contentment in Christ. This workshop will help us all view life with same sex attraction in the Light of Truth instead of imposed gay ideology.

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