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UK Gay News look back at 2006

Check out ukgaynews wrap on Gays, Lesbians, the Media, the Heroes, the Hatemongers … and 2006.

See all the ups and downs including kudos to Leonard Pitts Jr. (what a column he wrote in 2006), Deb Price, blogACTIVE, and Mike Tidmus, for his spot-on parody graphic compositions that have graced the Blend many times.

Snippets from the Hall of Shame:

From Russia, Mayor Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov, the enthusiastic promoter of his city to everyone but gays.  He banned the Moscow Gay Pride Parade, but sent-in a couple of thousand cops to disrupt a demonstration by a small group of gays outside the Kremlin, while allowing a counter demo of an unlikely mixture of religious groups and `neo-Nazis’.

From Latvia, Janis Smits, the virulently homophobic MP from the ruling Latvian First Party who managed to get himself elected as the head of the Parliament’s human rights committee.

A whole bunch of Leviticus-quoting “preachers” in a host of countries who conveniently forget Leviticus while tucking into a delicious crab and lobster salad – or even a pork chop, before trotting off to the barber shop for a haircut.

My favorite is a snapshot taken of The Conservative Voice, the electronic mouthpiece of Tar Heel wingnut Nathan Tabor (see prior Blend posts here). Take a look at the advertising on December 29 at the homophobe’s pad after the flip…

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Pam Spaulding