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Massachusetts bigots have their way – for now

Lawmakers in Massachusetts held a Constitutional Convention  and voted today to allow a proposed constitutional amendment proposal to move forward.  The passed it once, voted to reconsider, then passed it again 62-134 (only 50 votes were needed to pass).

If it makes it on the ballot (after passing again in another legislative session) and passes, existing same-sex marriages would remain intact but it would ban any new ones.

After the first vote, look at what a Democrat, who opposes the amendment actually said.

“I’m very proud that we took a vote,” said Democratic Sen. Sue Tucker, who opposed the amendment. “I think we owed the people that. At the same time, I’m also equally proud of my `no’ vote.”

She doesn’t get it. She has no problem with the principle of voting on this. As I said in the comments earlier today, with the character of people like Tucker, would it have been fine with her to let “the people” vote on whether I must sit at the back of the bus or drink from a separate fountain?

Today’s shenanigans are why the civil rights of a minority should never be up for a vote.

All those queasy Dems out there (and you know who you are) afraid to talk about marriage equality and always tell gays to sit tight, to wait and just make sure the Dems get elected – this is case study A as to what happens when this sh*t goes awry. And usually the same folks smile and say to please be patient and do all the heavy lifting to convince the public that we are deserving of equal rights. Straight allies clueless and MIA.

Sue Tucker and Co. think it’s A-OK for the Massachusetts legislative body to vote on a measure that could actually ROLL BACK existing civil rights of a group of taxpaying citizens if the public wishes to do so. Let the people decide, indeed.

This is un-American. It’s why we have a court system. To protect the minority from the tyranny, prejudices and whims of the majority.

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