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Enough, Markos


Glenn Greenwald emailed me this morning to console me (console himself?) in the face of the news that we have yet once again been beaten out by Markos, this time receiving the "honorable mention" award for Twenty Most Annoying Liberals in the United States by Right Wing News.

It's the Miss Congeniality loser consolation prize and cold comfort I might add, the equivalent of looking a guy in the eyes and telling him you hope you can "still be friends."  Always the bridesmaid, never the groom.

Fuck that.

What did I do wrong?  Was I not shrill and caustic enough, did I not do enough to mock Michelle Malkin and her histrionic halucinations, did I not post the requisite number of offensive images, sing kumbayah in the comments section too few times or was it the fact that I simply never compared George Bush to Hitler? Is it just that my megaphone is not as big as Markos's, or am I not being taken seriously because I am a woman?

I am quite certain I said "fuck" more than Markos and Glenn combined, and as we all know this lack of civility is in the eyes of the warmongers the most grevious of sins one can commit when discussing with their oh so serious selves their genteel war.  I should get some credit for hosting a pack of foul-mouthed, Satan-worshipping homos.  "Wingnut welfare?"  That was mine. Where is the justice in the world?

There is some consolation in the fact that Keith Olbermann took the top spot, and really, you can't compete with the king.  But quite honestly, I think I was robbed. 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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