Oh Mama, I Got Dem Post-Holiday Let-Down Blues.

Michelle Malkin preps for handling gunfire in Iraq

Actually I don’t have the post-holiday blues.

My holidays were wonderful, filled with food, folks, and fun as well as long naps on the couch amongst the snoring bassets. But there are those among us who sense this black bottomless void looming in front of them, which is not to be confused with the black bottomless void that comes courtesy of several hours spent with Ann Althouse discussing Frank Meyer while looking through her digital scrapbook of trees she has seen in Madison Wisconsin. No sir. This black bottomless void is the kind of black bottomless void that at least holds the promise a merciful death.

So, how do some handle it? I’m glad you asked.

Let’s say that you’re a guy with too much time on his hands because the Home Invasion holidays have come and gone for yet another year. You might think about offering up your expertise in armaments to a short-handed over-extended military or maybe even playing Q to the licensed-to-kill sociopaths at Blackwater. But why get involved when you can prove that all of those dead Iraqis are as fake as the moon landing or Hugh Hewitt’s breast implants (look…you don’t have to click on the link. It’s up to you…). Which leads us to Gun Counter Gomer’s 60 Ways To Avoid Admitting Defeat In Iraq concluding:

I’ve used the Google search engine to hunt down examples of the original articles as they’ve run unquestioningly in newspapers and even in official government press releases around the world. I’ve then chosen keywords and dates from these claims made by the incorporeal Captain, and searched for them, in the hopes that Reuters, or the Washington Post, or AFP, or the New York Times could provide independent verification of these same claims.

In 40 attempts, I have not been able to verify a single AP story, though I think I may be able to eventually provide evidence supporting the assassinations of up to four stories involving the assassination of two Iraqi government employees, courtesy of the same MNF-I PAO and CPATT officials that the Associated Press has gone out of their way to disparage.

Far be it from me to suggest that Gomer should see if he can tag along with Michelle Malkin on her quest to track down the Great Brown Jamil outside of the Green Zone in Baghdad.

First car backfire and he’ll knock Michelle off of the sidewalk trying to get back into the safety of the Hummer, trick knee or no trick knee…

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