A boy has to have a dream

“Okay, So I’m bending Marlo Thomas over the credenza, right?
And I’m giving her the old ‘Nobel Prize”, if you know what I mean…”

For some reason I feel compelled to add to our Great National Wallow in the Life Of Ex-President* Gerald Ford, but since every possible angle has already been covered I have decided to choose the path less taken.

Gerald Ford was a good man who had succeeded in his life beyond all expectations and, recognizing this, he was known to reach a out a helping hand to others so that they too could scale the heights of their aspirations. And so it was that he chose New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller as his Vice President (Rockefeller having failed to become President after running in 1960, 1964, and 1968) moving him this close to his childhood dream of becoming President. But despite two attempts on the President’s life, Gerald Ford survived in office and Rockefeller never made it to the top of the heap.

Later, after settling back into the private sector, the seventy-one year old Rockefeller successfully achieved his other childhood dream by dying late one evening in his townhouse while banging his 26 year-old secretary .

This has been another episode of Things That Wolf Blitzer Forgot To Mention.

*If Roger Maris gets an asterisk, so does Gerry Ford.

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