Lord Haw-Haw

44 Iraqis need to die every day so that Jules Crittenden can sleep snug at night in Boston:

Here’s the bad news for al-P and other defeat fans: Deaths are down in Iraq. With the Lancet poll estimate at 655,000 dead since the US-led invasion of 2003, that means the average of more than 200,000 a year has dropped virtually off the charts! Even if you look at the worst case scenario, that the October 2004 estimate of only 100,000 dead is correct, that means we’re down from an annual average of more than 65,000!

This is terrible news. It means there may actually be reason for hope in Iraq!

You see, to Jules, 16,273 dead Iraqi civilians, soldiers and police is funny because it’s true. This proves, once again, that it is just a hop skip and a jump to get from Crittenden to cretin.

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