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Gregg Sargent still wants to know, and so do I — where are all the reporters who were so damned agitated about Ned Lamont's Halliburton stock, or his tax returns, or the global implications of his membership in a country club, who ate up every story pushed out there by the Lieberman PR team, who pursued them doggedly (at least until it turned out Lieberman had Halliburton stock too, then it was dropped like a hot potato), and why aren't they asking Lieberman what military commanders he's talking to who think a "troop surge" (read: escalation) in Iraq is a good idea?

I know the fact that the American military death toll in the McCain/Lieberman war is now 3000 finds people like Sue Haigh, Jenny Medina, Mark Davis, Jodi Wilgoren, Anne Kornblut, Chris Matthews and Nick Confessore quite nonplussed, but we're getting ready to most assuredly send more Americans to their death due to the misguided notions of a man who has been wrong about everything all the time and at every turn with regard to his eponymous war.  The same man who said that troops would start coming home now,  that things were getting "better" in Iraq, who claimed that nobody wanted to bring the troops home more than him.

Do they think they could bother to work up just a wee little bit of the concern they lavished on the phony story of Joe's website being hacked and ask Lieberman exactly which "commanders" he spoke with in Iraq, and to name the ones who are asking him to increase troop levels?  I'm sure it's not going to have the earth shaking gravity of Ned Lamont's tax returns or Bill Clinton's jock, but it would be nice if they pretended they care and put a few tepid questions to Joe, if only for a show.

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