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New Jersey probably doesn't want Farah either

WingNutDaily’s Joseph Farah’s bleating over the fact that The Garden State has become way too gay and trans friendly. In his column, No going back to Jersey, he’s ruled out going back to his home state — or even working there.

The fact that Gov. Jon Corzine signed a bill adding “gender identity or expression” to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination has simply put him over the edge. Is he afraid of TEH GAYZ or TEH TRANNY rubbing off on him? He manages to go only a couple of paragraphs before bestiality comes up…

One can only assume that prior to this important breakthrough for human rights that New Jersey was rife with examples of homosexuals and bisexuals and transsexuals and transgendereds and lesbians and adulterers being denied gainful employment. What other provocation could have brought this on?

Wait a minute! Farah, did you say “adulterers”?

Yes, of course. Isn’t adultery a form of sexual expression? Isn’t a proclivity to group sex? Isn’t an inclination to prostitution? Isn’t bestiality? I mean, really ? what’s the quantitative or qualitative difference? Is it simply that practitioners of bestiality haven’t yet organized politically? Believe me, it’s coming!

So, after this law takes effect later next year, an employer in New Jersey no longer has the right – and I use that word advisedly – to hire people of good character, who are morally upright. He doesn’t even have the right to set standards of behavior in his own place of employment. Should a homosexual “act out,” as they like to say, in his place of business, he better not even think about firing him. Should a man wear a dress to work in his store, he better not think about disciplining him. (Or, maybe he’d like that! Who knows any more?) Should a lesbian kiss her girlfriend in the kids’ department of his retail store, he’d better not think about lecturing her on inappropriate behavior.

Tell me, WTF is “acting out”? Hugging? Kissing? Mincing? And about the kissing lesbian, is it appropriate for a het couple to do the same in the kids’ department — is it a matter of a buss on the cheek versus tonsil hockey? Farah doesn’t say, but the man’s practically shrieking in terror that employers cannot have a conduct code, which is ridiculous. Even worse, this new addition to the anti-discrimination law in his eyes is going to destroy the NJ economy..blah…blah…blah…

Mind you this comes at a time when the New Jersey economy is hurting. The state has already crippled business with all kinds of restrictive rules and regulations and taxes. Businesses that have been operating in the state for 100 years are closing their doors. And, believe me, it hasn’t been because sexual deviants aren’t getting jobs.

…Tolerance and pluralism are breaking out all over the place – except for those who disagree, except for those who have standards of morality that have survived the last 5,000 years, except for those who have faith in the Bible and the code of conduct from which Western Civilization arose.

OK, folks, have at it.

Hat tip, BarbieAnn.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding