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Conservative icon Weyrich weighs in on lightweight 2008 GOP contenders

Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation put in his two cents on the prospects of GOP candidates who have been courting the Base. Mitt looks like he’s in trouble already, tee hee.

Weyrich, who has been involved in politics for decades, says twice Governor [Mike] Huckabee had him “on the seat of his chair” during a recent forum. According to Weyrich, the former Baptist preacher “can speak like no other candidate.”

“He is dynamic, he is exciting, he believes in all the right things,” says Weyrich in describing the Arkansas governor. “I think that if conservatives really got behind him, that they would bump him up to be a first-tier candidate.”

As for Newt Gingrich, Weyrich says the former Speaker is “always good out of office, but as soon as he gets in office, he isn’t good anymore.”

And when it comes to Romney, Weyrich offers a cautionary note, saying conservatives need to be wary, given the governor’s flip-flopping on front-burner issues like abortion and homosexual “marriage.”

“Governor Romney is going to make an attempt to sound like us,” say Weyrich. “[But] I don’t think he is; I don’t think he’s the genuine article. And I think he really ought to be closely examined, especially for the flip-flops he now claims he’s done on abortion, on same-sex marriage, on any number of issues — including hate crimes, by the way.”

Poor Sam Brownback — he brings up the rear, even in Weyrich’s eyes, who said he “lacks ‘fire in the belly’ and is not likely to go very far.”

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