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…the power of cute. 

World, meet PJ.  PJ — meet the world.  Yes, this is my miniature dachshund, in her new favorite spot under the warm computer battery resting on the lap desk.  Mmmmmmm….toasty!  (Although the TRex kitty is a cutie, how can you not love a little doxie face like that?)

Because, frankly, I just could not force myself to put up yet another photograph of Joe Lieberman today.  You choose, after reading this dreck: 

Joe Lieberman is: 
(a) a liar (given his guarantees to the people of Connecticut a few weeks back that he wanted the troops out of Iraq…mmmm-hmmm…);
(b) a jerk;
(c) a manipulative weasel who is willing to say or do anything to promote Joe Lieberman's interest in all things Joe Lieberman;
(d) all of the above.

I'll let TeddySanFran explain the rest.  (And, perhaps, a review of Joe Lieberman's greatest hits might be in order, just for good measure.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to the television news coverage of the Saddam Hussein hanging that may or may not be happening today or tomorrow if Saddam is or is not in US custody and that may or may not be shown on US television live (or not)

Yep, it's a weird day of news, and so I leave you with this…is it or is it not a wise move to consider executing Saddam Hussein at the height of the Hajj, considering he's a Sunni and a lot of Muslims in Saudi Arabia (where Mecca happens to be) are also Sunnis…and do you think the Bush Administration has considered this at all?  Discuss.  And then go read Juan Cole.  And then ask yourself this question:  how messed up is George Bush's policy if it can make a tyrannical, maniacal loser like Saddam Hussein into someone who could potentially be considered a martyr by anyone? 

And there there is…more PJ cuteness.  Because, frankly, it's more fun than thinking about all the rest of the mess that is the news today.


I call this the "Please mom, no!!!" look, because I've got the clippers out for her nails and she's not at all pleased with me.  Luckily for her, I'm a softie with a supply of treats on hand for just such an occasion.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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