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I'm so evil AFT is raising money to combat me

I had a real strange experience at the Southern Comfort Conference last Summer.  The person who signed me into the conference knew my name from transgender community work I do, and acted like I was a celebrity — she said she was excited to meet me.  To say I was surprised is an understatement — I see myself working from behind the scenes most of the time — someone who barely arises to the point of any notice.  When eye-popping recognition occured another four or five times at the Conference, it dawned on me I was drawing some attention online to myself, whether I wanted it or not.

Since then, I’ve became a regular contributing author on the Ex-Gay Watch, and have guest posted and diaried here on Pam’s House Blend.  My profile has risen some since my experiences at Southern Comfort.

So with my growing profile, today I reached a new milestone — Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth (AFT) profiled me as a “radical gender activist,” and he’s listed me as a reason as to “why [Americans For Truth]’s work is so important.”

Apparently, I’m not only a “radical gender activist,”, but I’m also a “transvestite,” someone  who is “still a man,”, and someone who has a gender-confused identity.  Well heck, better keep them kiddies away from me — I’m going to give ’em TRANSVESTITE!    Sheesh.

I guess it’s worth mentioning that I’m apparently so evil and a threat to Christians everywhere that he’s using his post on me as a reason to raise money for his “ministry.”  My head is spinning with that bit of news.  Timothy Kincaid at the Ex-Gay Watch sent me a message today saying:

Welcome to the Club!!!

Your final initiation as Ex-Gay Watch contributing author is when the kooks and haters run an attack piece on you.

But raising money over me!  Timothy — did they do a fund-raising campaign over your articles?   

*sigh*  From this point forward, I’m nicknaming myself “Evil Autumn.” 

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen