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Hartline takes his insane rants to alt-Christian message board

Alternative Christian minister Jay Bakker (yes, he’s the son of Jim and Tammy Faye), courts the alt-Christian crowd for the Revolution Church. He’s featured in One Punk Under God, a series on Sundance.

Bakker and Revolution have a pro-gay stance, and so it was only a matter of time before the bible beaters showed up at the door to complain. In response to a sermon, Gay Doesn’t Equal Sin, by Restoration’s Marc Brown, one of our favorite unhinged fundies at the Blend, ex-gay battle axe and “Christian activist,” James Hartline, decided to pollute Restoration’s message board  and assault other posters with his homo-bashing rhetoric. You have to read it to believe it, after the jump… Hartline to Marc Brown:

Although I commend you for your willingness to go to the dark places to minister, the Bible never, ever allows for theological misuse in ministering.

I was involved in homosexuality for thirty years before I was set free from that sin seven years ago. I still live in the midst of the homosexual community in San Diego, California where I minister and am a well known Christian activist, but I have never misdiagnosed the Bible as you have on the theological dynamics of homosexuality.

Your theology is full of gross errors on that issue. The Bible is clear, homosexuality is a terrible sin, and as such, you cannot say that you are ministering Christ, while negating homosexuality for what it is: A sin that sends the participant to hell.

By stating that homosexuality is not sin, by utilizing liberal propaganda sources that are in conflict with the word of God to justify such error, you are dooming the very people that you are claiming to reach with “unconditional love.” There is no such thing as unconditional love in the eyes of God.

Yes, we are to love, but love does not lie. The lie is telling people that homosexuality is not a sin. That is not unconditional love, that is deception.

After suffering with AIDS for nine years due to homosexual activities and drug use, I can say that some should have been pushing me harder on the deadly wages of my sin before I was infected.

Do not set more people up for death by lying to them about homosexuality. The lie is not love, it is an infliction straight out of hell.

God annoints, empowers, and qualifies those that He has chosen to fulfill His mandate for the culture. He does not need us “improving” on a tried and true Gospel to win the lost. The Gospel already has the power to save if we will proclaim all of it, rather than handpicking the bits we like and failing to fully disclose the ones we despise.

If you are called by God, which I believe you are, then you will have an open mind to hear what I say.

Thank you,
James Hartline

This was tame compared the next exchange. A person on the board pointed out that Hartline’s obsession with homosexuality and The Homosexual Agenda is twisted.

I am gay. Will somebody let me know what my agenda is? The only thing I have planned on my agenda is work, patients, friends, family, eating, sleeping and church. Wow, I bet that sounds a bit like your agenda TJ. Am I supposed to stay up at night in my secret underground lab inventing some mind control QUEER beam to make everybody GAY so there will be no more children… I think I’ll need for funding and minions!

As for cramming my sex down your throat…..I would like nothing better than for the rest of the world to not be concerned on what I do with my own freakin’ genitals.

And just a side note, go back and do a search on all of your posts and read them. Do you notice anything? I do, you are bitter. You think your going to be saved so since your already in the Door, what could be better than to judge and hate on everybody else. I think you get a rise out of trolling around on this message board otherwise you would be posting on Jerry Falwell’s site.

CaliTaliban Hartline (who lives in “Hillcrest, the homosexual stronghold of San Diego“) then unleashes this Freudian bile.

Unfortunately, you are the one that wants to cram your sex down the throats of America. You are the one that insists on forcing your sexual agenda on America. You are the one that refuses to keep your sex in the privacy of your bedroom, thus leaving the rest of America to respond to your very public demands to accept your perversions.

We are only responding to what you have FORCED upon us.

By repeating the catatonic slogans of the gay agenda and repeating the attacks on such people as Falwell, you have revealed the fact that your are a ready and panting member of said agenda.

Drop the pretense, drop the masquerade, drop the attacks on your opponents and just be honest.

You don’t really care anything about being holy before Christ. You just want the church to bow to your sexual immorality, so you come to us to play the pretrense and the masquerade.

The fluff. The bluff. Now blow the fake pretense down.

I Am Making My Stand!
Are You?

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Hat tip to Blender Marvin the Martian.

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