Thursday Basset Blogging…End O’ The Year Edition

Last year when the radiant and vivacious mrs tbogg moved to Santa Barbara, where she lives during the week, we knew that what she would miss the most would be:

1. The lovely and talented Casey
2. My naughty bits
3. The dogs

One might say that she and the boys are attached at the heart and each weekend when she comes home there is much vocal celebrating and racing about and butt-wiggling joy by all three of them. With that in mind, this Christmas I took a couple of her favorite pictures of the dogs and messed with them a little in Photoshop to make them look like paintings and then had them blown up and framed for her office wall in the SB.

And those are what you get for the last Basset Thursday of the year…



(As always, click to enlarge)

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