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Wayne's wrap-up on 2006 and the closet

Activist, author and columnist Wayne Besen has an excellent round up on the movers and shakers and closet door openers this year. The executive director of “ex-gay” debunking organization Truth Wins Out starts off with a bang.

My last request in 2006 is that sleazy right wing preachers, especially in Colorado, will put aside their “Do Me,” list so I can finish my “To Do” list. How many times will I have to blow off my busy work and write a press release about some homophobic holy man getting busy in search of a release? When will these men learn that their hypocritical happy endings with hookers will never end happily?

Mainstream Americans hopefully figured out in 2006 that the closet affects everyone. Evangelicals, in particular, must now come to grips with the fact they have no grip on reality. If the Village People ever reunited, they would add one more campy character to the line-up – a right wing preacher.

In the rest of the piece, Wayne gives credit to the tireless and controversial Mike Rogers, who spent the year doing expose after expose of hypocrites, making the GOP closet a stifling place to be. He also mentions the 2006 work of Lane Hudson, the former HRC employee who blew the cover off of Foleyworld with the website, Stop Sex Predators, losing his job and receiving death threats in the process as he exposed the Foley emails and IMs — and the hypocritical GOP gay underworld that enabled Mark Foley to use House pages as a dating pool.

Wayne also gives credit to some friends of the Blend who dive in and do the hard research to debunk the fundamentalist haters who twist and distort “science” to attack the gay community:

In 2006, the web also fostered the rise of what I refer to as the Truth Movement, where fundamentalist propaganda is vociferously challenged. The right wing “God Squad” is finally being held accountable for their lies by gadflies who no longer let them dehumanize GLBT people without suffering the consequences. Truth Wins Out’s recent video of a scientist refuting James Dobson’s misuse of her research is just one example.

The Truth Movement includes Mike Airhart, founder of the site Ex-Gay Watch, as well as Internet sleuths, such as Joe Brummer and Jim Burroway. While many people might not be familiar with these advocates, they are the movement’s fact checkers who play this game as if it were chess.

Head over for a good read and many kudos.

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