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Let The Pummelling Begin


I read David Ignatius this morning, and I had to let it sit for a bit — because "arrrrrrrgh!" was just not enough of a response.  While I was thinking of something a little more comprehensive, Brad at SadlyNo! beat me to it.   And it is a thing of beauty.  To wit:

Bush says he doesn’t care what happens now to his poll numbers, and I believe him. He broke through the political barriers a while ago. I sense that, as he anguishes about Iraq, he has in mind the judgment of future historians. He said it plainly in an interview in October with conservative talk show host Bill O’Reilly: “Look, history is interesting. I read three books on George Washington last year. And my opinion is that if they’re still analyzing the first president, the 43rd president ought to be doing what he thinks is right. And eventually, historians will come and realize whether . . . the decisions I made made sense.”

And that’s what really matters, is Bush’s place in history. It doesn’t matter how many lives are ruined. All that counts is that future historians see him as The Decider. Clearly, this is a sensitive soul who deserves our sympathy. HE’S BLEEDING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES, PEOPLE!!! HE’S LIKE A… A… A JESUS LUTHER GANDHI!!

What makes reality TV gripping is that it’s all happening live — the contestants make their choices under pressure, win or lose.

Plus, there’s lots of people who are dying. But at least David thinks it makes for thrilling drama(emphasis mine on the bold)

Bingo.  What I would have said had I not been so enraged.  And disgusted.  And pissed off that Junior constantly gets a pass — and that pundits like Ignatius continue to give the man a pass for the consequences of his own decisions and actions.  I mean, come on!  I'm all for compassion and empathy, but hello…fawning worshipful enabling nonsense?  No thank you. 

As if that weren't enough snark for the morning, this YouTube also hit my in-box. It seems that Rep. Charlie Rangel is doing some sort of bit with Laughing Liberally coming up on December 30th in NYC — and they've done a promo video for the event. With a Bush impersonator. Click here for more amusement.

Thought we could all use a small chuckle this morning.  Anything making you giggle today?  Anything at all?

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Christy Hardin Smith

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