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Former President Ford dies at 93

You’ll see this story all day long for obvious reasons. Gerald Ford was indeed the accidental president (and VP). He was the only man never elected to the office. The 38th president was a congressman from Michigan when he was tapped by Nixon for the VP slot when the corrupt, disgraced Spiro T. Agnew stepped aside. And as we all know, Ford assumed the presidency when the corrupt, disgraced Nixon resigned in 1974.

Ford doomed any hope of a legitimate election to the office by signing a full pardon for Nixon, though the economy at the time he was running sucked beyond belief — inflation was 7%, the country was moving into recession (I actually remember the ridiculous “Whip Inflation Now” campaign and buttons urging people to basically will the economy into health.

The 38th president also survived two assassination attempts in 1975, one by Manson follower Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, and another just a couple of weeks later by Sara Jane Moore (both of them are still alive, serving life terms in federal prison).

Of course one of the other historic roles Ford played was as a member of the Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination of JFK. He never waivered from support of the commission’s “magic bullet” theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman. He was the last surviving member of that body.


As this is the Blend, you know I’ll include a relevant gay rights angle to the story. The former president was a member of the Republican Unity Coalition (RUC), a gay-straight board of heavy hitters, including former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson, which advocates “making homosexuality a ‘non-issue’ for the Republican Party.” (An FYI: Mary Cheney, of all people, served on RUC’s board in 2002-2003). Clearly there are very few Gerald Fords in either party today.

In Gerald Ford’s case, in October 2001 he notably went on the record in support of gay rights issues, including full marriage equality at the federal level, in an interview with Deb Price of the Detroit News. (PNO):

I think they (same-sex couples) should be treated equally. Period,” he said.

In addition, he stated support for a federal law banning workplace discrimination against gays: “That is a step in the right direction. I have a longstanding record in favor of legislation to do away with discrimination.”

Ford was the highest ranking Republican ever to make such a statement about civil equality, and it earned him the wrath of the homobigots like James Hartline, who said that Ford and his fellow members of the RUC would  “turn the party into pacifists when it comes to dealing with the gay agenda,” and “these are liberal Republicans who are not strong advocates of Christian conservatism.” The San Diego “Christian” activist and “former homosexual,” as usual, went off the deep end in 2005, alleging that RUC was some sort of gay cabal.

The James Hartline Report has uncovered a massive covert plan to spread the acceptance of homosexuality within the Republican Party.  Tactics in this plan include making homosexuality a “non-issue” within the Republican Party, thus eliminating party opposition to the gay agenda.  This plan of intentional passivity to homosexuality is being orchestrated by some of the most influential liberals within the Republican Party.  This movement took on its sinister form after the 2000 election of President Bush, under the organizational title of the “Republican Unity Coaltion” (RUC).

… According to a January 20, 2001 World Net Daily report, Grover Norquist, President of the Americans For Tax Reform, which employs San Diego County Republican Chairman Ron Nehring, was one of the original orchestrators of the pro-homosexual group RUC.  The article written by Human Events author John Gizzi detailed how Norquist and other prominent Republicans hosted a pre-inaugural breakfast to honor the estimated one million homosexuals who voted for President Bush.  The breakfast was sponsored by the RUC which, according to its spokesman, was founded to promote the inclusion of gay and lesbian Republicans in Republican politics — and to bring together Republicans – both straight and gay – to educate, advise, and assist Republican leaders and lawmakers.

  Joining Norquist on the committee for the RUC breakfast that year were New York Governor George Pataki, New York City Mayor Rudy Guliani, Senator John Warner of VA., and pro-homosexual liberal Republican Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon.  Rounding out the host committee was presidential counselor Mary Matalin, former California GOP Chairman John McGraw and former Pres. Reagan speechwriter and California political strategist Ken Khachigian.

  Insight into the broken moral compass of these liberal Republicans, can be summed up by the comments made by California GOP Chairman John McGraw, who stated, “I lent my name to the Host Committee and attended the breakfast because Brian Bennett (a gay California Republican and an organizer of the meeting of gay leaders with Bush) asked me.”  McGraw, known as an outspokenly conservative chieftan, added, “Brian is a close friend of mine and, as you know, friendship comes first with me.”

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