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Rep. Brad Miller who survived the venomous absurdities of homophobe Vernon Robinson (as described by Pam) will be live-blogging at on Thursday morning December 28th from 9am-11am (Eastern). Questions and comments are welcome.

In anticipation of the event a question thread has been running at BlueNC. Some good questions have already been posted and Brad Miller has been reading.

This will be an opportunity to chat with the Congressman who faced down the “black Jesse Helms” and understands that netroots is more than just a bunch of dudes in tubes.If you are unable able to attend the live-blog session please feel free to leave a question for Rep. Brad Miller at the question thread< (account registration is free and easy, participation is encouraged, everyone is welcome)

BlueNC’s most recent Live-Blogging event was a morning with Elizabeth Edwards.

Robinson’s bigotry, which literally landed on my doorstep, inspired me to post a series of diaries at various locations called “Where in The World Are Vernon Robinson’s Donors?” to track from where and whom the hate money was coming from.  Of all the campaigns I tracked this fall I was most happy to see Robinson soundly defeated by Brad Miller.

Greg Flynn
Raleigh NC (in Brad Miller’s District)

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