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A Discussion of How Stupid the AP and WSJ Are

Apologies for the all-Plame all-the-time posting. I’m working on a big post, but meanwhile pow wow has alerted me to late-game stupidity–or complicity–on the part of the AP and the WSJ. In last-ditch effort to discredit the investigation forestall the civil trial make waves, they are asking a judge to unseal the subpoenas and the appeals court decision that forced Cooper and Judy to testify.

The Associated Press and Dow Jones, in court papersfiled this week, asked for the release of the sworn statementsFitzgerald gave to justify subpoenas for New York Times reporter JudithMiller and Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper.


“Recently the public learned thatthe special counsel’s pursuit of those reporters was entirelyunnecessary for him to determine who leaked Ms. Plame’s name to Mr.Novak,” lawyers for the news services wrote.

I don’t suppose the judge can be so dismissive as simply pointing these (ahem) esteemed journalistic institutions to a humble dirty hippy’s blog. But here are some suggestions I’ve got for the AP and WSJ, in lieu of tying up our court system. And honest, the suggestions are a lot more constructive than the first one, which was basically that they get their head out of their collective arse.

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